My Story

As a third generation American born Chinese, I grew up with holistic remedies and Qi Gong, Chinese energy healing. In 2012 my awareness of Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, came to a front during a friend's struggle with a life illness. I wanted to help comfort with more than just prayers and gifts. At this time, I was met with signs: a message from an intuitive that I came from a women's line of healers and was to be a healer myself, and my first aura photograph illuminated green much to the amazement of the photographer stating that it was quite rare to see such a "true green" which is the color of healers. This was Reiki showing the way as it does. 

The same day I met and started my path to Reiki with Grand Master Parag Pattani who is based in Singapore. During his travels to Los Angeles over the years, under his tutelage I have been attuned and instructed to the highest certified level of Master Healer/Teacher. 

My practice with Reiki continually allows me to grow and learn in other aspects of my own spiritual and self-awareness. I am very blessed to be on this enlightened path and to be able to help you on your enlightened path as well. 

In Joy, 



My Approach

My approach to both sharing and teaching Reiki is a very grounded one. I understand that holistic and spiritual energy talk and energy work can be daunting and can be met with skepticism as well as apprehension.  ​ I feel Reiki is such a wonderful starting point to experience energy healing and to learn as a modality. I am often asked by a new client what do they have to do to be able to receive Reiki. The answer is nothing because they are already open to receive by entrusting me to send them healing. Reiki energy may be passive in receiving, but it is also a powerful experience.