Reiki Sessions (60 minutes)

at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing | 2841 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

The initial session will begin with a short intake form. After a consultation of your needs, the healing will begin with you lying on a massage table, fully clothed. You may start lying face up or face down depending on the focus. My hands are placed on or slightly away at different areas of the body such as the head, chest, abdomen and lower abdomen, and feet to send healing energy. Sessions end with a discussion of any findings including, but not limited to, discussion of emotion and physical ailments, and intuitive visions that may have presented themselves. 

Personal Home Sessions

Receive Reiki in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes due to busy schedules or physical well being, a session in your own home is more convenient. Listed rate applies with an additional sliding charge of $10-$25 depending on your location and distance from the La Palma/Cerritos area.

Distance Healing

Receive a 20 minute Distance Healing Session for you or someone else, such as a family member, in the comfort of your own sacred space. 

Sessions are not time coordinated, however a time window of the day will be given if the recipient would like to pause or meditate although not necessary. After the session, a follow up email will be sent. 

Weekly distance healing begin on Mondays, occurring each day through Saturday. Prior consultation may be set up via phone or email. If requesting distance healing for someone other than yourself, more information may be needed. Please inquire for more details.



60 Minute Session

First time 60 Minute Session            $95


Personal Home Sessions (60 minutes)


(plus additional charge)

Long Distance Healing (20 minutes)


Weekly Long Distance Healing 

(20 min daily sessions, Mon-Sat)


Distance Healing Session


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Week Long Distance Healing


Pay now

Please use the Contact Form on the following page to discuss and set up Distance Healing Sessions prior to purchase. 

**An Important Note: If you feel any shortness of breath, dry cough, or high fever, please seek medical attention immediately. 

Spiritual healing and vibrational-energy based healing arts are always done fully clothed. Services provided do not replace medical treatment, prescriptions, or diagnoses from licensed health care providers.

All photographs are property of 4th Chakra Wellness. Please do not use without permission